January 6, 2021


Photo Courtesy: Monica Roman
Name: Monica Roman 
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers 
Department: CHHS; HMP 
Role at UNH: Alumni 
Year Graduated from UNH: 2019

How does getting this vaccine make you feel?

Getting this vaccine was an incredibly personal decision and I feel really good about getting the vaccine! 

What does getting this vaccine mean to you?  

Working with the elderly and seeing firsthand how COVID-19 has affected the vulnerable made me extremely passionate about advocating and receiving the vaccine! 

What would you say to someone who feels hesitant about getting the vaccine? 

No matter what is written in the media, whatever pressures you may be receiving - getting a vaccine is a personal choice! Do some research on the type of vaccine you’re getting (Pfizer, Moderna) and make sure they’re reputable sources before making your decision!  

What have been some of your favorite ways to stay physically active during the pandemic?  

I’ve become obsessed with home workouts. I use YouTube and found a really great HIIT channel called “The Body Project” and any Zumba videos!  

How have you been taking care of your emotional wellbeing during the pandemic?  

I downloaded the apps HeadSpace and Calm which really have helped keep me grounded. The pandemic is hard, life is tough right now and we need at least a few minutes just to ourselves!  

How do you stay connected with others?  

Social Media is obviously huge. But for family members I haven’t seen, I’ve been using Zoom and having dinner with them that way! It’s virtual, but it works!  

Now that you have received the first dose of the vaccine, what is the next thing that you will be holding onto for hope?  

The second dose of the vaccine! I am so ready to get the second vaccine - kind of feels like a light at the end of the tunnel!  

Do you have any positive words of encouragement for members of our audience who are feeling completely drained and burnt out from this pandemic?  

From Finding Nemo, “just keep swimming!” Eventually we will get through this, but with your help and the help of those around you, it’ll come sooner than we think! 

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