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November 23, 2020


Photo Courtesy: UNH PACS

An Interview with PACS

Over the past few weeks, I have been conducting virtual “interviews” with different departments on campus. This in efforts to answer some common questions that students, faculty, or staff may have about the different services that will be offered by various departments on campus this semester. To learn more about services from PACS, read below!

Are your services accessible to all students free of charge? Or do you offer services at a charge? 

Yes, PACS services are accessible to all students free of charge. It is covered by the Counseling Services fee paid by enrolled students, there are no additional fees or copays when students access services. 

Do you offer services for UNH faculty and staff? 

Yes, PACS staff are available to faculty and staff throughout the entire UNH community for consultation services regarding students of concern, as well as providing mental health programming. Some examples of programming include Mental Health Literacy and Suicide Prevention workshops. We do not provide counseling or clinical services for faculty and staff. Faculty and Staff are encouraged to use the Employee Assistance Program on campus.

How does your department work to improve mental, physical, or social wellness of all students? 

PACS strives to enhance student wellness by providing individual counseling, telehealth counseling, Urgent Same Day appointments, 24/7 crisis counseling and urgent consultation by phone (call 603-862-2090), group counseling, couple’s counseling, and mental health programming on a wide range of topics. By supporting student’s overall wellbeing, PACS is supporting the academic mission of the university, and helping to retain our students so they can graduate from our great institution. 

How does your department work to improve mental, physical, or social wellness of faculty and staff? 

PACS provides consultation services as well as mental health programming for faculty and staff. 

What is one, if any, service the department offers that students, faculty, or staff might not know about? 

PACS now has crisis counseling and urgent consultation services available 24/7 (call 603-862-2090) 

Additionally, we have a great online resource called WellTrack available. WellTrack is a self-guided and interactive resource to support mental health and well-being. It includes online modules on anxiety, depression, resilience, and fear of public speaking, as well as a mood tracker, and Zen Room, which includes guided meditations and progressive muscle relaxation.

Are you offering any services to students, faculty, or staff who are not on campus this semester due to remote learning/teaching? 

Yes! PACS provides telehealth counseling. Additionally, all of our group counseling will be done virtually this semester. 

Do you plan to offer remote services during the online period between thanksgiving and the end of the fall semester? 

Yes! Because we are equipped to provide telehealth counseling, we will be able to continue services during the entire semester. 

Does your department offer any training for students to get more involved within your department? 

Yes! PACS has a Peer Ambassador program. Our Peer Ambassadors work with us to develop and facilitate outreach programming, this includes social media campaigns. 

How does your department foster a sense of well-being and promote healthy lifestyle choices for your staff members? 

We definitely try to practice what we preach! We begin each staff meeting with a wellness moment, and we also have a monthly “fun lunch” where we get together to connect and just have some fun. We also strive to practice work/life balance, some of us do better than others!

Where are you located on campus? 

PACS is in Smith Hall, room 306. You can reach us at 603-862-2090, and on our website.

Where can students, faculty and staff access more information about your department?  

Our website has a wealth of information. You can also check-out our social media accounts on Instagram (@unhpacs) and Facebook (@ UNH Psychological and Counseling Services - PACS)!

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