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October 18, 2020


Photo Courtesy: UNH SHARPP

Interview with SHARPP

Over the past few weeks, I have been conducting virtual “interviews” with different departments on campus. This in efforts to answer some common questions that students, faculty, or staff may have about the different services that will be offered by various departments on campus this semester. To learn more about services from SHARPP, read below!  

Are your services accessible to all students free of charge? Do you offer services at a charge?

SHARPP’s services for survivors of interpersonal violence (sexual violence, relationship abuse, stalking, and harassment) are both free and confidential.

Do you offer services for UNH faculty and staff?

SHARPP provides services for UNH students, faculty, and staff members.

How does your department work to improve mental, physical, or social wellness of all students, faculty, and staff?

SHARPP offers a myriad of violence prevention education programming for students, faculty, and staff. Our prevention programs focus on bringing increased education to the UNH community on topics like consent, IPV, healthy relationships, bystander intervention & more. Within our training we strive to strengthen our community’s knowledge base & skillset around these concepts, as the stronger (and more accurate) people’s knowledge/skills are around our issues, the more likely we are to reduce violence from happening on our campus. Our prevention education programming hopefully contributes to creating a safer environment for all members of our University. 

What is one, if any, service the department offers that students, faculty, or staff might not know about?

SHARPP recently added texting and web-chat based support services for survivors looking to speak to a confidential advocate virtually. These services are offered Monday-Friday 9am-4pm. More information can be found here.

Are you offering any services to students, faculty, or staff who are not on campus this semester due to remote learning/teaching?

Yes! More information on our remote services during COVID can be found here.

Do you plan to offer remote services during the online period between thanksgiving and the end of the fall semester?

Our in-person and remote services will be offered throughout the Fall 2020 semester. Our 24/7 helpline can be accessed 365 days a year whether the University is closed or open. 

Does your department offer any training for students to get more involved within your department? 

We have two volunteer tracks for our office. Our Community Educator volunteer opportunity and our Peer Advocate volunteer opportunity. To learn more about when we’ll be accepting volunteers for these two tracks please stay tuned in on our social media pages (@UNHSHARPP) and our Volunteering webpage. 

How does your department foster a sense of well-being and promote healthy lifestyle choices for your staff members?

Our work can be incredibly difficult to navigate some days, and oftentimes our staff put in 120% of themselves to the work we do (whether that’s the survivors we support or the prevention programming we facilitate). As an office we encourage our staff to practice self-care and prioritize their needs. Most often, this includes finding a positive work-life balance, which can look different for everyone. We recognize that our overall office’s health and well-being will only ever be as strong as our individual team member’s health and well-being. A unique initiative we’ve implemented within our office is “mandatory fun time”, this happens monthly (or bi-weekly) when a different staff member facilitates a fun, engaging, and self-care focused activity for our team to participate in. It serves as both a unifier and a reminder that sometimes, even when doing hard work, we can find time to laugh and smile with one another. 

Where are you located on campus?

Wolff House | 2 Pettee Brook Lane Durham, NH 03824 Next to Health & Wellness

Where can students, faculty and staff access more information about your department? 

Our website can be found here, our social media to follow is @UNHSHARPP. 

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