Hamel Recreation Center Department Highlight

October 15, 2020


Interview with Hamel Recreation Center

Have the hours at the HRC changed due to the COVID-19 Pandemic?  

Yes, the HRC will close an hour earlier this semester. The HRC operating hours are the following: Monday – Thursday 6am-11pm, Friday 6am-9pm, Saturday 8am-9pm, and Sunday 8am – 11pm. 

Do patrons need to schedule appointments to utilize the facility to exercise?  

It depends. For Group Exercise, Intramural Sports, Outdoor Adventure Trips, and the Bouldering Wall you need to register in advance. For informal recreation in the building, you can come at your convenience. 

What should a student expect when they enter the facility for their daily workout?  

When a student arrives at the HRC, they will need to wear a mask over their nose and mouth the entire time they are in the building except in designated areas while exercising. 

All exercise equipment has been moved to accommodate for 6-8ft between equipment. To allow for this, equipment is now located on the first and second floor basketball courts. No courts sports are allowed in the facility such as basketball, soccer, or floor hockey until further notice. 

Throughout the building, participants are asked to exercise on equipment or in taped individual workout boxes that have been measured for the 6-8ft distance. While in a box or on a piece of equipment, participants may remove their mask. However, once participants leave that space, they must put their mask back on. 

Fortunately, all exercise equipment is available for use. Participants are encouraged to sanitize equipment before and after use. The entire HRC building is being cleaned every 2 hours. Blue cleaning towels are located in the Welcome Center lobby along with personal spray bottles if needed. 

Participants are encouraged to bring a refillable water bottle as all of the water fountains are bottle fill only. Locker rooms, bathrooms, and single use bathrooms are all open. However, locker room showers and saunas are closed. The showers in the 3 single use bathrooms are open. 

Are you offering any personal training this semester, if so, what does this look like?  

Yes we are offering personal training, participants may purchase Personal Training packages. Clients can choose to be either in the HRC to do in-person coaching or do their training through Zoom. The coach will wear a mask the entire time and maintain six feet of distance.

Are you offering any group fitness classes this semester, if so, what is offered and how are you following safety protocols?  

Yes, all classes, Cycling, Yoga, Zumba, POUND, Pilates, and Strength classes are being offered. Most are in-person in the HRC but we have some virtual classes that participants may join from a location of their choice or in the HRC. 

Class sizes are limited based on physical distancing within the particular space. All equipment has been spaced out to allow for physical distancing. In classes where participants are on mats or do not have equipment such as a cycling bike to mark space, individual workout spots have been designated on the floor of the studio. For classes that use equipment, participants have their own equipment throughout the entire class and do not share with other participants. Classes are scheduled with 45 minutes in between classes to allow for air turnover and flow. 

Are you offering any outdoor experiences this semester, if so, what does this look like?  

Yes. Outdoor Adventures has local hikes and paddle sports within walking distance to campus including locations at Jackson’s Landing, College Woods, and Foss Farm. Trip sizes are smaller than usual and masks are required. 

Intramural Sports are offering weekly Lawn Games on the lawn in front of Scott Hall and Disc Golf. Games include corn hole, can jam, and spike ball. 

Do UNH faculty and staff have access to the HRC this semester, if so, what changes should they expect about their memberships or access to different facilities in the HRC?  

Yes. Faculty and Staff who are participating in the COVID-19 testing protocol on campus will be allowed to use the facility. Memberships will be extended for the time lost when the HRC was closed due to COVID. 

How is the HRC fostering a sense of well-being for employees this semester? 

Campus Recreation is still able to provide outstanding recreational opportunities to the UNH community. Faculty and Staff are encouraged to move in whatever way is most comfortable. They may choose to go for a hike, attend a strength class, or use a treadmill. Campus Recreation supports our employees physical and mental wellbeing this way. 

For any updates download the UNH Campus Recreation app in the app store or check the website and social media platforms @unhcampusrec.  
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