Spotlight On: Chelsea Leclerc

May 18, 2020


Chelsea Leclerc

Name: Chelsea Leclerc

Department: Residential Life

Role at UNH: Residence Hall Director

Year Started at UNH: 2019

What does being healthy look like to you? 
Being healthy means having a balanced Wellness Wheel! This means making sure that I am meeting my needs in each section of the wheel and working to improve myself every day! 

What have you been doing to take care of your mental health while in quarantine? 
I spend a lot of time with my emotional support animal, Pepper. I also have been playing Animal Crossing (my native fruit are apples), talking to my therapist, and talking to my family over FaceTime!

What has been your favorite tech-free hobby? 
Going for socially distant walks with my hall director friends! 

What do you do to stay active? 
Besides going for walks, I like to do POPSUGAR or BeachBody workouts. I have found lots of free workouts that have left me super sore and feeling good!

What has been your favorite food to make while in quarantine? 
Smoothies! Also, smoothie bowls and healthy "nachos," which is pretzles, apples, peanut butter, and a little bit of chocolate syrup to make it look like nachos! 

How do you find motivation to stay healthy and active while in quarantine? 
I have been working on drinking more water, so one thing that has helped me stay motivated to drink water is a tumbler cup that my friend Holly bought me. It has my name on it and is so cute and personal, and has upped my water intake immensley! I also have made small goals for myself like reaching 10,000 steps each day or only getting Chipotle once a week. 

Have you seen or felt any improvements in your physical or mental well-being after making positive changes in your life? 
I definitely have seen improvements through my goal setting with water and activity. I feel more energized. When I take time for myself, I end up having more to give others! 

Do you have any positive words of encouragement for others to create a healthier lifestyle? 
Being healthy is not just about taking care of your body by working out or eating healthy (although these are super important). It is about setting boundaries and creating an environment of happiness for yourself. Take time to do things that bring you joy rather than trying to please others.  

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