Spotlight On: Jeremy Batten

October 8, 2019





YEAR: 2020

What does health mean to you? 

To me, health means living a good lifestyle. I think that having a good lifestyle means eating healthy. Eating healthy is a big part of your life and I think people should focus on it more. 

What do you do to make a healthy UNH? 

To make a healthy UNH, I encourage my friends to eat healthy at the dining halls. There are so many healthy options provided by the dining halls it's just a matter of you making the right choices. 

How do you stay fit? 

To stay fit, I like to bike to class. It's really relaxing and I never have to wait around for the bus to come!

Do you have any tips for eating healthfully? 

A tip I have for eating healthfully is to try out new foods. Some poeple don't eat things because they don't look good but they are healthy for you. Maybe it's a food you don't like but it could still be very healthy for you. 

How do you find motivation to stay healthy? 

Wanting to be able to go and do things that would be difficult if you weren't healthy motivates me to stay healthy. I like hiking, and if you are not healthy then hiking is going to be a difficult thing to do. Having hobbies of playing basketball also motivates me. 

Have you made any tangible improvements to your physical or mental well-being by making  positive changes in your life? 

I go to the gym, play basketball more, and bike to class instead of take the bus or my car. I think that since we are young we should definitely take advantage of being healthy now so we can live longer. 

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