Spotlight On: Juliet Karam

July 16, 2019





YEAR: 2020 

What does health mean to you? 

To me, health means that you are both happy and healthy. I think that there needs to be a good balance between being mentally healthy and physically healthy. 

What do you do to make a healthy UNH? 

To make a healthy UNH, I make sure I make good eating options in the dining hall and stay away from sugary drinks. I also make sure that I keep myself busy during the day by going to classes, and walking around campus/College Woods with my friends. 

How do you stay fit? 

I like to ski, mountain bike with my family, go rock climbing, and go hiking with friends around the places close to campus. 

Do you have any tips for eating healthfully? 

A tip I have for eating healthfully is for every piece of junk food you eat with your meal make sure to balance it with something healthy. Pretty soon you can substitute out the unhealthy food with the healthy food. 

How do you find motivation to stay healthy? 

I find motivation to stay healthy through my friends and family. Staying healthy will ensure that I live a long and happy life. 

Have you made any tangible improvements to your physical or mental well-being by making positive changes in your life? 

I’ve learned in college that it’s important to prioritize yourself and your mental/physical health before anyone else. It’s important to take care of yourself, surround yourself with those who make you happy, and take time for yourself to relax and enjoy time on your own. Sometimes you need to put yourself first. 

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