Spotlight On: Carly Orlacchio

July 19, 2018


Name: Carly Orlacchio
Department: Nutrition/Dietetics 
Position/Role at UNH: Student 
Year: 2018 
1. What Does Health Mean To You? 
To me, health is all about portion control and making sure each macronutrient is adequately consumed at each meal. Physical activity is also a huge part of being healthy. Having both a proper diet and participating in any sort of physical activity is the best way to prevent chronic disease. Mental health is also a huge contributing factor to staying healthy. Reaching out for help when needed and taking time out of the week to de-stress are both very important. 
2. What Do You Do To Make A Healthy UNH? 
I strive to educate as many people as I can about the importance of good nutrition through the UNH Fueling station, and just in general. 
3. How Do You Stay Fit? 
I stay fit by being a member of the track and field team. 
4. Do You Have Any Tips For Eating Healthfully? 
  • Portion control 
  • Consuming all macronutrients in adeqaute amounts 
  • striving to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible 
  • Choosing whole wheat options 
  • Try replacing some meat products with other plant-based protein sources such as tofu, beans, etc. 
  • Consider low-fat dairy products 
  • Eat healthy fats throughout the week such as avocado and nuts 
5. How Do You Find Motivation To Stay Healthy?
Being a nutrition student and learning about the health consequences that can come from a poor diet make it easy for me to stay motivated. Also, being an athlete keeps me motivated because if I am not eating enough calories or the right balance of carbs and protein throughout the day, I will suffer at practice and during competition. 
6. Have You Made Any Tangible Improvements To Your Physical Or Mental Well-Being By Making Positive Changes In Your Life? 
I have definitely made improvements since freshman year, and have noticed improvements in my physical abilities. Having a greater understanding of the different types of carbs and protein and the importance of timing when to eat them has helped my training and recovery. 
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