Spotlight On: Kristen Sedler

May 22, 2017


Spotlight On: Kristen Sedler
Photo Courtesy: Kristen Sedler 
Name: Kristen Sedler 
Department: Nutrition and Dietetics 
Position/Role at UNH: Student 
Year Started at UNH: 2014 

1. What does health mean to you?

Health is a mixture of all aspects of your life being balanced. Eating a healthy diet and exercising, getting enough sleep, having an adequate social life, and doing well academically. I think that in order to be healthy you need to have more than just a healthy body; you need to have a healthy mind as well. If you only focus on eating well and exercising other aspects of your life will start to deplete.

2. What do you do to make a healthy UNH?

I am a member of ECM (eating concerns mentors), and we promote positive body image around campus. This contributes to a healthier UNH because we preach that you should love your body the way it is and you should fuel it so that it can do all the things you want it to do. We help people with eating disorders be able to live a happier and healthier life, and we do one on one counseling.

3. How do you stay fit?

I live in the gables, and when I have the time I will walk to campus instead of taking the bus. I do the same thing in between classes; I rarely take the bus. I go to the gym as much as my schedule allows but, being a dietetics major and having an on campus job it can make it hard to always make time to go to the gym. You have to find a way to get active that fits into your day to day life.

4. Do you have any tips to stay healthy?

Balance is key. Health is balancing the good and the bad, so if  one weekend you have pizza and french fries, you shouldn’t obsess over that one meal. Just make it better during the week with fruits and vegetables and nutrient rich foods. They key is to make sure you’re eating, don’t let your weekend treat make you restrict. Don’t let health be a constant diet, there is always room for moderation.

5. How to you find motivation to stay healthy?

I knew that I wanted to be a dietician when I was 13. I’ve always been really interested in how food affects the body, and that’s why I became a nutrition major. My motivation to stay healthy is, that I know how everything I eat affects my body and how good exercise is for your body and mind. 

6. Have you made any tangible improvements to your physical or mental well being by making positive changes in your life?

I became a vegetarian 4 years ago, and ever since then I have felt better, more energized, and less lethargic. I started making a point to eat more fruits and vegetables when I made the switch to vegetarian, and this has had a big impact on my mood and energy. It wasn’t entirely the fact that I wasn’t eating meat anymore, it was that I was more conscious of what I was eating.

7. Anything else you would like to add that might encourage others on campus to make health efforts too?

I would say walk whenever you get the chance, look at the guiding stars in the dining hall to decide what might be a better and more nutritious choice and come see me at union court creative greens and Ill make you a salad!


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