Spotlight on: Colleen Driscoll

May 1, 2017


Spotlight on: Colleen Driscoll
Name: Colleen Driscoll
Department: Dietetics and Ecogastronomy  
Position/Role at UNH: Student
Year Started at UNH: Spring 2015

1. What does health mean to you?

To me, being healthy is all about balance. When I think about health I think about the eight components of the wellness wheel including environmental, financial, emotional, physical, intellectual, occupational, social and spiritual. I personally feel like I have my strong categories and my weak categories, but overall keeping a balanced “wheel” as you go through life is how you stay healthy. It is also important to recognize when you are struggling in an area and identify what steps you can take to improve. Health should always be your first priority.


2. What do you do to make a Healthy UNH?

I am involved in many different groups on campus to promote nutrition and overall health. I am one of the Co-Leaders of Nourish UNH, a peer education group through health services that focuses on providing nutrition education to other UNH students. This semester, we started a new program in the Hamel Rec Center’s demo kitchen called “What’s Cooking Wednesdays?”. These cooking classes are free to UNH students. Every week we have a different theme and create easy, inexpensive, delicious and nutritious recipes in order to teach students how easy it can be to stay healthy.

I am also the current Treasurer and future Co-President of the Student Nutrition Association. This group is geared towards community service and nutrition education.


3.How do you stay fit?

Just like every college student, my schedule is INSANE. When you’re busy all the time, it is easy to neglect time for physical activity. However, I’ve learned that for me, if I’m not active I don’t feel well, and I’m less productive throughout the day. I usually go to the gym early in the morning before my classes, it is a great way to start off the day and it gives me much more energy. At the end of the day, it’s easy to convince myself I’m too tired to workout or I have too much to do. I actually write my workouts down in my planner and treat it like a class, because scheduling time for the gym helps hold me accountable.


4. Do you have any tips to stay healthy?

There are so many ways you can help yourself stay healthy. For me, making my health a priority is probably the best way I have found to stay healthy. Listening to your body and being in tune with your needs is so important. Sometimes, you just need to go to bed instead of staying up late to cram for an exam. You need to take time out of your day to eat well and workout. You also need to schedule down time.I am big into planning. Packing my bag the night before with everything I need for the day, packing snacks, meal prepping, and scheduling gym and social time help keep me on track. However, I think it is also important to give yourself down time, and to treat yourself to some pizza and ice cream every once and a while.


5. How do you find motivation to stay healthy?

My motivation to stay healthy is simply knowing that I will feel better and be happier. Balance is what allows me to do well in school, to participate in so many amazing groups and events on campus, and have time to socialize. When I’m not taking care of myself, everything else in my life suffers.


6. Have you made tangible improvements to your physical or mental well being by making positive changes in your life?

I have always been active and have always ate a relatively balanced diet, but my metal well being is something that has always been a challenge for me. I have been working on my outlook and trying to remain positive. I always reminding myself it’s an imperfect world, and sometimes things don’t workout. I have surrounded myself with a great support system, removing negative people from my life has really helped my overall attitude towards everything, and I’ve seen positive changes from this.


7. Anything else you would like to add that might encourage others on campus to make health efforts too?

Your body is what allows you to do everything else in life, and it should be your main priority. No one else is perfectly healthy, and it’s okay to have set backs. Being aware of where you are and what your body needs from you allows you to be so much more successful.


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