Spotlight on: Caroline Connors

April 27, 2016


Department: College of Life Science and Agriculture
Position/Role at UNH: Student
Year Started at UNH: 2013
  1. What does health mean to you?

To me, health includes my physical, mental, and social health. Having good health requires me to balance these aspects of my life.

  1. What do you do to make a healthy UNH?

I make an effort to recycle my paper, plastic, and glass items rather than throw them into the landfill waste. I try to encourage my roommates to do the same. I am a member of Slow Food UNH, which promotes sustainable and healthy food choices.

  1. How do you stay fit?

I go for runs a few days a week, and sometimes go to the gym when it is convenient. I also enjoy going to yoga, and try to do that as much as possible. On busy days when I may not be able to do a full workout, I am sure to do little things such as take the stairs or do a quick ab-workout in my room.

  1. Do you have any tips for eating healthfully?

Yes! One of the best things I do to encourage healthy eating is chopping my veggies ahead of time and keeping them in containers in the fridge. This makes it much quicker to make a salad or grab some veggies as a snack. I like to look on Pinterest for new healthy recipes to try. This helps me discover new foods that I like, and keeps my diet interesting.

  1. How do you find motivation to stay healthy?

I find it easy to stay healthy because I love to cook and eat healthily. I have a gluten intolerance and a sensitive stomach, so eating unhealthy foods causes me a lot more physical discomfort than most people. Knowing how much better my quality of life is when I stick to a healthy diet helps me to continue with that.

  1. Have you made any tangible improvements to your physical or mental well-being by making positive changes in your life?

Yes. I practice yoga to improve both my physical and mental well-being. This reduces stress and improves my muscle strength and flexibility.

  1. Anything else you would like to add that might encourage others on campus to make health efforts too?

I would encourage students to try new foods and activities because they might discover something new that they like, and make it a part of a healthy lifestyle.

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