Samuel Lingeman

April 24, 2015


Sam Lingeman, Healthy UNH Profile Photo
Image Courtesy of Lyin Schramm
Department: Facilities Campus Planning
Position/Role at UNH: CAD/DMS/GIS Administrator
Year Started at UNH:  2007
1. What does health mean to you?

Health is an investment that compounds over time.  What you do now makes a big impact later in life and it goes both ways. Do your best to be healthy now, you’ll be better off later, make some poor health choices now, pay for those later as well.  It’s all a balance and we just do the best we can.

2. What do you do to make a healthy UNH?

I do my best to take advantage of everything that is offered by UNH.  I’ve participated in the Employee Fitness Program in the past and worked with a student during the school year.  I haven’t been in a while but I’ve taken advantage of the employee gym.  I use the insurance reimbursement for a gym membership as well as a personal Trainer.  Right now, I love the Wildcat Workout Project (WWP).

3. How do you stay fit?

I love the Wildcat Work Project.  I do that three days a week and nothing has done as much for me as this program has.  I’m stronger than I have been in my life, my blood pressure and triglycerides are down and I feel great. 

4. Do you have any tips for eating healthfully?   

This one admittedly is my weakest link.  I don’t eat fast food or anything like that and over all I eat pretty healthy, but I do “cheat” more than I should on some good micro brews and carbs.  Lately I’ve been trying to cook more and get invested in what I’m eating.  Convenience is king in our society and I’m no exception, but I’ve been trying to get into “slow food” and cook a meal over an hour or more with my wife that we can both feel good about, plus we have fun together, which is also part of the health puzzle!

5. How do you find motivation to stay healthy?  

Plain and simple, routine.  With me, if I stick to a routine, I’m pretty good.  If that routine gets interrupted, I start to slide.  I’ve made the Wildcat Workout Project part of my routine now.  If it’s cancelled or there’s a break, I simply have to tell myself that it’s not and do the same exercises on my own during the same time of day.  Otherwise, I fall off the wagon.

6. Have you made any tangible, positive improvements to your physical or mental well-being?

Yes!  Aside from the lower blood pressure and lower triglycerides, My body is just stronger.  Before the WWP, I didn’t realize how weak I was physically.  After I started doing the exercises, I could feel my ankles and knees getting stronger.  I recently went skiing after 25 years of not being on the slopes.  It was tough, and my legs burned, but I had a blast skiing for the whole day.  Without the WWP, I’m absolutely convinced I would have had to have stopped after a few runs.

7. Anything else you would like to add?   
UNH makes it so easy to do something, do anything to make a start.  There are so many programs, so many things that cost you nothing but your time and some effort.  Think of making healthy choices and doing healthy activities as an investment in you for your future.  It pays off in the present, but really pays off later in life.  Keep trying to find what works for you and keep trying new things.
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