President Biden’s Health Care Bill

December 21, 2021

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What This Means for Health Care in America 

President Joe Biden has recently rolled out a new bill that will significantly change health care in America. The Biden-Harris administration has promised to ensure that every American has access to quality, affordable health care, and this bill is supposed to be a step in that direction. The Biden-Harris administration is known to say that health care is “a right, not a privilege”. So what exactly would change with this new bill? 

The main components of the bill are to lower drug prices, expand Medicare benefits to hearing loss, expand the Affordable Care Act subsidies, and to help those in the Medicaid gap. Here is what this means for each age group. 

  •   Seniors. The main advantage of the new bill is the coverage of hearing aids for those with hearing loss. The new bill would give more than 25 million Americans coverage for their hearing devices. Along with this, the bill would reduce the price patients pay for medicine, including a $35 cap per month on insulin, and a $2,000 annual drug spending limit. The bill will also expand the funding for at home care, which will help the 800,000 Americans who need it. 

  •   Working-Age Adults. The main part of the bill that will affect working-age adults is it’s attempt to close the hole in the Affordable Care Act by offering benefits to poor adults in the twelve states that did not adopt Medicaid programs. Along with this, people who buy their own health insurance will now be able to collect subsidies in the form of tax credits, and the subsidies will grow for those in the lower class. The new rules about limiting how much pharmaceutical companies can increase drug prices by each year will also lower copays for those with private insurance. 

  •   Children. The bill will extend funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which provides health services to more than 10 million children that come from lower-class families. The bill will also allow children to keep their health insurance for longer. 

The bottom line is that America’s health care system is still fragmented, however these small pieces are working to build a better system. The aim of the bill is to help those who are uninsured and currently struggling. UNH offers student health insurance through Health + Wellness, which you can read about on their page! 

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