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November 19, 2021

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How to Decide Which Booster Shot to Get

The United States has recently started rolling out booster shots for the COVID vaccine. The booster shot is an additional shot to try and increase the effectiveness of the vaccine. The people who are currently eligible to include booster shots are those who are:

  • 65 years old and older
  • Any person 18+ who live in long-term care settings
  • Any person 18+ who have underlying medical conditions
  • Any person 18+ who live or work in high-risk settings
  • Any person 18+ who got the Johnson and Johnson vaccine over two months ago

            The reason why many health officials are recommending the booster shot is because of the ability for the vaccine to be changed. The booster shots can be tweaked to also include other variants of the virus to keep you better protected. This is relevant since research has shown boosters are effective against the Delta variant that is currently spreading. 

            If you have decided to get the booster and are eligible, the next step is deciding which shot to get. The Food and Drug Administration recently approved the “mixing and matching” of booster shots. This means no matter what vaccine you got, you can get a booster shot from either Pzifer, Moderna, or Johnson and Johnson. The main reason they decided to approve this was to make it more convenient for people to get their booster shots. Scientific studies have also shown that one shot isn’t necessarily more effective than the other. The best way to choose the right booster shot for you is to:

  • Talk to your doctor. Talking to your doctor is the best way to get peace of mind that you are making the best decision. They will have all of your health information and will be able to best advise you.
  • Pick which one is convenient. If you are looking for no hassle, go with the shot being given by your local provider. 
  • Do your research. If you are concerned about risks, do your research on which booster is proving to be most effective. Preliminary research shows this may be Moderna. 
  • Go with the familiar. Going with the company you received your vaccine from is never a bad option, especially if you had a good experience. 

            Getting a booster shot is just another step you can take to keep you and your community safe. Are you planning on getting a booster shot? Let us know by emailing us at healthy.unh@unh.edu!


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