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September 10, 2020

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Medical Services Through Health & Wellness

Now that the semester is in full swing, you may find yourself with your regular back-to-school cold or needing an immunization that you missed at your annual physical exam. Thanks to Health & Wellness, you can get what you need and more! Health & Wellness is the medical office on campus that has a holistic approach to health. They offer regular medical services in addition to wellness services and different types of wellness counseling.

Regarding medical services, Health & Wellness offers services for allergies, illness, injury, immunization, a travel clinic, mental health, pharmacology, laboratory, radiology, sexual health, and transgender health.

A new feature to appointments this semester is the use of telehealth! Telehealth is a tool that is used for people who are unable or uncomfortable attending office visits in person. Instead of attending the office for a visit, the visit comes to you through your computer or cell phone. It works similar to a FaceTime or Zoom call with your provider, but is much more secure than both of those programs. To determine whether you need to go to an in-person visit or can do a telehealth appointment, contact Health & Wellness to see which option can be tailored to your needs.

Even though this semester is looking a little bit different than usual, Health & Wellness is still offering in-person visits along with telehealth appointments. To make an appointment online through a secured portal, use this link. It is incredibly important that we are all taking care of our physical and mental health during these uncertain times. Along with PACS, Health & Wellness is here to help. 

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