How to Spend Less Money on Health Care

January 31, 2018

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How to Spend Less Money on Health Care
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The United States Spends A Lot Of Money On Health Care, Why Should You?

According to a 2014 study, the United States spends $9,327 per person on health care. The United Kingdom, a similarly wealthy country spends $3,749 per person on health care. Even with the US spending over $5,000 more than the United Kingdom, we still have a shorter life expectancy. So, what is the difference? Why is there such a large gap between the two?

While there is not one simple answer, we do know that the U.S. stands out in having appalling medical expenses, but the U.S. also stands out for having the most health services and having more people covered for those services. So, yes the United States has good health services made available to its population, but what can you do to lower the cost?

Simple ways to lower the cost of your health care include:

  • Make the switch to generic drugs
  • Try and visit your doctor at an outpatient facility
  • Have an x-ray (or other tests) at an independent facility
  • Go to an Urgent Care or Convenience Care Clinic if you do not have an actual emergency
  • Check to see if your insurance provides preventative care at no cost
  • Set your own maximum for your health care spending account

Be a responsible consumer, and don’t overpay for unnecessary health care services! 

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