Is it Worth the Prick?

February 3, 2017

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Is it Worth the Prick?
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Breaking Down the Basic Facts About Flu Shots and Why Some of us Get Sick Anyway.

The topic of getting the flu shot can bring about some interesting questions; Are flu shots necessary? Will getting vaccinated make me sicker than if I hadn’t? Are they just a waste of money?

As many may know, the Influenza vaccine is typically a deactivated form of the most common strain(s) of influenza, predicted for the upcoming year. The vaccines are designed to help those injected build immunity (via antibodies) against a virus they may later come in contact with, because who has time to be sick?

Getting a flu shot doesn’t grant us full immunity though. Doctors and other scientists can’t control everything, including when a strain might develop a new mutation or how well our bodies react to the shot. Sometimes such events are out of our realm of control and other times preventative measures pay off.

Whether you’re one to cross your fingers and hope to not get sick or someone who signs up for every clinic, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the possible implications of your decision.

Read more on the benefits and effectiveness of flu vaccines HERE or visit UNH HEALTH SERVICES to learn about the vaccination services they have to offer.

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