Modification of Birth Control Prices

August 5, 2016

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Modification of Birth Control Prices
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Making Contraceptive Use More Affordable and Accessible

Today in America, women have the opportunity to decide if they want to use contraceptive methods or not. A contraceptive method includes options such as the birth control pill, condoms and sterilization.

The most popular form of contraceptive is the birth control pill. Around 67% of women who use contraceptive methods opt for the nonpermanent, hormonal options like the pill, patch or implant.

Birth control is extremely common in teens that are sexually active. Around 3.2 million teenage women use contraceptives, and 53% of them rely on the pill. This information alone is important because it emphasizes how birth control has a significant presence in the lives of young Americans, therefore steps should be taken to make it affordable and accessible.

In 2010 The Affordable Care Act was enacted in order to reform health insurance plans to ensure women could obtain birth control and other precautionary assistances in an easier and more inexpensive manner. This act aided in allowing FDA approved forms of birth control to be free.

This act allows individuals to have more of a choice with their contraceptive use and provides a sense of freedom for those that can now afford birth control.


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