Why You Should Care About CVS Caremark

May 23, 2016

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Why You Should Care About CVS Caremark
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How CVS Caremark Can Save You Time and Money on Prescriptions

You go to the doctor and prescribes you a new medication. You drive to the pharmacy, drop off your prescription, wander around the store for twenty waiting for it to be ready, then pick it up and go home. Filling srescriptions take time from your daily schedule and they can be costly.

What if there is a way to save money and time on the prescriptions you need? Well, there is.

There are multiple benefits to being a benefits-eligible staff member at the University of New Hampshire. One of them is being a CVS Caremark member. As a Caremark member you have the benefits of:

  1. Refilling prescriptions using the CVS Caremark app on your phone;
  2. Having access to estimated cost of your prescriptions and deductibles; and
  3. Being able to see how much you are spending on prescriptions and see how you can be saving money on them.

Being a member not only allows convenience, but it also saves you money. CVS Caremark does this by allowing you to review your benefits and see if the prescriptions you are taking can be covered by your health care plan. If you take long-term medications you can sign up to their mail service pharmacy and have prescriptions mailed to your home (at a discounted rate!).

It’s easy to sign up. All you need is your Prescription Benefit ID Number and computer access. You can even get the CVS Caremark app and see all your prescription information on your phone. Sign up today!

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