5 Ways To Recognize Public Health

March 30, 2016

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5 Ways To Recognize Public Health
Photo Courtesy of: UNH College of Liberal Arts 

What is Public Health?

Are you interested in celebrating public health? If so, National Public Health Week is celebrated from April 4-10! Throughout this week we recognize the protection of people’s health in the communities where they live, learn, work and play. In order to continuously acknowledge and improve public health, here are a few things you can do on campus:

  1. Ride the Wildcat Transit: The Wildcat Transit is here for students, faculty, and visitors to use in order to get around campus. It is an easy and efficient means of transportation that creates less of burden of having to park your car or sit in traffic.
  2. Take free condoms from Health Services: Every year there are over 20 million new STIs in the U.S., and half are from young people aging from 15-24. UNH Health Services provides condoms to the student and public community annually that are easily accessible with no questions asked.
  3. Use bike racks found around campus: Art students are using their creative minds for the good of the UNH community. They are the people we must thank for supplying students and faculty who ride bikes to class with a convenient and safe place to lock up bikes so that we can fulfill our academic responsibilities without having to worry.
  4. Visit recycling stations: As people of the UNH community it is our job to insure a clean and sustainable campus. We think that by simply tossing a water bottle into a recycling bin is enough, but other community members feel more strongly about recycling and are willing to share why as well as how you can make more of an impact.
  5. Workout in the Hamel Rec Center: Being a student or teacher with numerous academic responsibilities can be stressful. This gym on campus is provided for the students and faculty of UNH to use in order to gain a healthier life style by exercising for the reasons of physical and mental health.

If you are interested in participating in and promoting Public Health Week post a picture of something on campus that reminds you of public health by using: #thisispublichealth

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