You Are Paying the Health Fee… So Why Not Use it?

December 1, 2015

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You Are Paying the Health Fee… So Why Not Use it?
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Be educated on what your student health fee covers

According to NIH, “Close living quarters, shared restrooms, and a lot of social activities make a college student more likely to get sick during the academic year.” For most college students, mom and dad always took care of doctor’s appointments and the cost of medications, but now you are on your own.  It is time that you learn the basics when it comes to paying for your health. It’s rare to find a student who isn’t counting on every penny to pay for rent, gas, groceries, and textbooks. So, don’t overpay for the same service or medication! Take advantage of the resources and preventative care UNH offers.

All full-time UNH students are required to pay a mandatory health fee of $448 for access to Health Services and UNH Counseling Center.  This fee provides medical visits, health diagnostic testing, various procedures, access to emergency facilities, on campus pharmacy, health education, and counseling.

Here are some ways you can put that health fee to good use:

  • Emergency contraception is available at Health Services for $25 compared to $50 at a local pharmacy;
  • Flu shots are available for no additional fee on October 7th to students who have paid their health fee;
  • Free STI Testing ;
  • Free individual counseling regarding nutrition, anger management, alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs;
  • Complementary Health;
  • $5 generic prescriptions and 40% off of non-prescriptions at Health Services Pharmacy;
  • Some lab testing; and
  • Walk in strep throat testing.

Health Services is located on campus at 4 Pettee Brooke Lane and is open 7 days per week.

Take care of yourselves, Wildcats .

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