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July 1, 2015

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Remember To Ask Your Doctor Questions! 

Being at the doctor’s office can be intimating. When it comes to your healthcare it is important to ask questions. It is easy for you to ask questions, but when it comes to asking your doctor people can be silent. Asking questions to your healthcare provider can help you understand the treatment you are receiving.

Your health is important and you should know exactly what is going on. You need to be your own advocate. 

Asking questions and talking to your healthcare builds trust between your doctor and yourself. Building trust can lead to satisfaction and quality in the healthcare you are receiving. You are just one part of what it takes to receive the care you deserve. This is an important relationship and teamwork that you have with your healthcare provider and you need great communication. The best way of have great communication is to ask questions.

Often you may feel rushed at your appointment. Before your appointment, make a list of questions, this will help reassure that you have gotten your feelings and your concerns out before time is up.

The National Institutes of Health have created a list of 10 important questions  you should ask your doctor. Such as:

  1. What is the test for?
  2. How many times have you done this procedure?
  3. When will I get the results?
  4. Why do I need this treatment?
  5. Are there any alternatives?

If you have a specific health concern but don’t know what to ask, here you can find a list of health issues and the questions you could ask.

Remember your healthcare is important and don’t be afraid to take the time to ask questions. Be your own advocate! 

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