What is the UNH Student Health Fee?

April 16, 2015

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Students receive an incredible amount of resources with this fee.

Every student that is enrolled at UNH is required to pay about $450 per academic year in return for accessibility to Health Services. It is included with the tuition and fees bill, but what exactly does a student gain from this mandatory health fee?

The Health Services department provides resources, medical appointments, testing, access to local emergency facilities, and much more, for little to no additional costs for students or their insurance provider.

  • The student health fee allows students to schedule appointments with Health Services including physicians, nurse practitioners, and nurses trained and educated in many areas. 
  • There are also counselors and educators to address concerns with both physical and mental health. Workshops, training, presentations, and brochures are always available to students. A wide range of topics from self-care guides to complementary health are covered with these educational resources.  
  •  Nutrition counseling is offered at UNH with a registered dietitian who can help students with healthy eating habits, dietary restrictions, eating disorders, vegan diets, and much more.  I came across a nutrition counseling company that costs about $120 per hour for nutrition guidance right here in NH. This is one of many services that are essentially free and unlimited to students after they pay the health fee.

Students can go to the Health Services building, located on Pettee Brook Lane, at anytime during normal business hours. When Health Services is closed, students have access to receive emergency care at the local Wentworth Douglas Hospital in Dover, NH as well as the Lee Urgent Care Center in Lee, NH.

Students should take advantage of the health information and resources right at their fingertips. The services are already paid for, so it is recommended that students learn about preventative practices which will reduce cases of illness. You can learn more about specific services that are and are not included with the student health fee here

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