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April 8, 2015

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This year, 2015, marks the American Public Health Association’s 20th anniversary of its National Public Health Week.

Over the past two decades, the APHA has made significant impacts and accomplishments in public health. They are strong believers that everyone needs to partake in helping to become a healthier nation, from national and local policy makers to the general public. By making healthier choices, we are demanding more of a variety for healthier options and are creating an environment where everyone has access to healthier choices.

Over the past 20 years, some of the greatest accomplishments of public health are:

  1. Healthier Mothers and Babies – Improvements in nutrition, medical care, access to health care, education levels, and standards of living have lead to decrease in infant and maternal mortality rates.
  2. Immunizations – Vaccination coverage is at record high levels.
  3. Motor Vehicle Safety  – There has been a reduction in the rate of deaths caused by motor vehicle accidents.
  4. Family Planning – There are fewer unintended pregnancies today because of increased contraception use and better public health education.
  5. 5.Tobacco as a Health Hazard – Public health efforts has prevented 1.6 million smoking related deaths.
  6. Decline in Deaths from Heart attack and Stroke – Deaths from cardiovascular disease has reduced by 60% and deaths from strokes have declined by 70%.

The American Public Heath Association has made a huge effort to make America a healthier nation. Because of this effort, they have built momentum by getting influential leaders and companies to take health initiatives that will bring us one more step closer to our goal as being the Healthiest Nation in One Generation.

Michele Obama’s program Let’s Move, is trying to end childhood obesity, and CVS Health has stopped selling tobacco products in their stores. These are a couple examples of the changes America is making and the continued efforts of these companies and more will continue our momentum. For more information on this topic please visit the National Public Health Week website.  

All the health efforts here at UNH have helped increase the overall health of students, employees, and locals.

Health Services, Healthy UNH, Dining Services, and other organizations that promote health on campus have changed the way we exercise, eat, and take care of ourselves. If other universities adopted the health practices that UNH has implemented, then the nation will be one step closer to achieving their health goals. 

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