Benefits of Tandem Care for Harvard Pilgrim Subscribers

February 2, 2015

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If you are in need of a medical procedure, call a nurse at Tandem and they will help you find the least expensive provider in your area. They will then reward you with cash depending on the magnitude of your savings. For example, if you are able to find a lower cost provider and save $500 on the procedure, Tandem will reward you with $100. This is a way to entice users to find the most affordable healthcare procedures, and the nurses help you through the process making it very simple.

It’s a win/win situation for the consumer because you save money and can also get cash back. As long as you keep Tandem informed of the day and cost of your procedure, they will send your reward via mail within 45 days.

But because you are “shopping around” for healthcare looking for a lower cost, does that mean your care and services will be lower quality? No! Tandem nurses help you find a lower cost AND quality provider.

Some people already have full coverage health insurance and aren’t too concerned about the costs, however Tandem officials explain three reasons that finding the lower-cost provider will still benefit you. F

  1. First, you can earn the cash rewards.
  2. Second, you will influence your employer’s future insurance costs to be lower, which means less money will be taken out of your paycheck to go towards health insurance.
  3. Lastly, you are supporting the healthcare providers with lower costs which will therefore influence other providers to match the lower costs.

The Tandem Care program is provided to UNH faculty and staff, with the USNH Harvard Pilgrim health plan. The program offers services in order to shop and compare healthcare services efficiently.

This program is focused on helping the users save money and keep health insurance costs at a reasonable level for everyone. Read more about Tandem on the USNH website

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