Students, do you know about health care requirements at UNH?

January 20, 2015

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Did you know that as a full time degree student at UNH you are required to have adequate health insurance

This policy has been enforced to ensure students have access to health care while at UNH.  Requiring you to have health insurance provides financial protection from major illness or injury, and to receive care when you need it!   If you are a student and do not have health insurance don’t you worry! UNH provides students with a qualified health plan known as the UNH Student Health Benefits Plan (SHBP).  This plan has been specifically designed to meet the needs of students at UNHHealth Plans, Inc., a Harvard Pilgrims Health Care Company, is the insurance that the SHBP administers to students.  The plan includes coverage for more than 2,300 primary care physicians and specialists in NH and every hospital in the state.  The benefit of this plan is that you can find coverage for both in network providers (Harvard Pilgrims Healthcare) and out of network providers (non-Harvard Health Care providers).  The SHBP plan also provides coverage for the students while they are at home, at school or even traveling abroad!  All of these great factors give the student flexibility to exceptional health care coverage.  The outstanding value for this plan is only $190 per month; a gold plan for a bronze price.  If you are a student that does not have health insurance, the Student Health Benefits Plan is the smart choice for you!

If you are a student that does have health insurance either through your own insurance or your parents, you can waive the enrollment for SHBP.  To waive coverage, your health insurance must meet certain criteria that UNH specifies. There are also some limitations for waiver requirements and all that information can be found on the UNH Health Services website.  Make sure to also print out the brochure  for specific information pertaining to the SHBP and waiver criteria.  Also check out Healthy UNH website to find more information about health care consumerism!    

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