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December 8, 2021

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Tips to Help You Grieve

The entire UNH community was extremely saddened to learn of the loss of one of our own, Vincenzo Lirosi. Vincenzo was only twenty-two years old and was taken from us too soon. The passing of a fellow student and member of the Durham community strikes pain in the hearts of many. Whether you knew Vincenzo personally or not, it is normal to grieve and mourn this loss.

Grief is a very difficult thing. There are no rules on how to grieve, and you should never be ashamed to feel the way you do. The feeling of grief can be a roller coaster. You may also be experiencing other emotions as well as grief, such as shock or disbelief, sadness, guilt, or even fear.

Although there may not be a “rule book” that tells us how to grieve, there are some tips that may help you through the process:

  • Be Kind To Yourself. Acknowledge that whatever you feel is completely normal, and you should never feel ashamed or feel as though you should be keeping it together better.
  • Get Extra Rest. Grieving can have physical symptoms, including fatigue. Take things easy and try to get any extra rest that you can.
  • Lean On Friends And Family. One of the best things you can do while grieving is to lean on the people who love and care about you. Whether it’s just a conversation or spending time face to face, try to reach out to the people you love. 
  • Express Your Feelings. Very often people can get overwhelmed with their feelings and are not sure how to find release. Even if you do not want to have a conversation, try to write down or journal how you are feeling. This can be a great outlet and allow you to release some of the emotions you may be feeling. 
  • Take Care Of Your Physical Health. The mind and body are very connected. Remember to eat plenty of food, drink water, are make sure you are getting enough sleep. Physical activity may also help, even if you only go for a short walk.          

This is an extremely sad time for the entire Durham Community. PACS is a resource here on campus that is available to help. Their hours are Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, and they have a 24/7 crisis line available at (603)862-2090. PACS also offers individual counseling for which you can call or walk in to schedule an appointment.

GoFundMe has also been set up where you can donate to help cover the funeral costs for Vincenzo. May he rest in peace.






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