Post Grad Depression

October 31, 2021

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Yes, it’s a real thing.

After having a fun filled, enjoyable, and educational 4 years at the University of New Hampshire, reality kicked in after I ended my lease at my off-campus apartment. I did not have a full time job offer waiting for me at the end of college, I searched and searched, applied to hundreds of jobs and was rejected by almost all of them. Failure is not something that should discourage you, especially since we completed college in the midst of a global pandemic. Yes, it really is crushing to my soul that even though I have applied to 20 jobs a day since graduation, I still have no full-time 9-5  job with benefits, but on the plus side, I have built a lot of resilience from this experience. As I write this blog, I have had 9 interviews in the past 2 weeks, no job offer in sight. It feels like failure, but not quite there because there is still hope. It is okay to get discouraged and fall down over and over again, just be sure to dust yourself off and keep putting yourself out there.


Here is the advice that I will give to you in order to combat post grad depression:

  • Avoid social media: watching your friends who are still in college move in, go to tailgates and your favorite dining halls might not be the best thing for you to be seeing right now. Another piece of advice...Snapchat Memories will break your heart if you saved anything from undergrad...or they may make you smile. For me I have not been watching them because they make me miss college even more than I already do. 
  • Seek Professional Help: Talking with your friends doesn’t always help you feel better. If you feel that talking to a therapist would serve you better, it does not hurt to try! There are plenty of benefits to therapy, even if you don’t notice them immediately. You can learn how to develop coping strategies, you are able to talk through your thoughts and emotions, and there is NO judgement! 
  • Find a hobby: Whether it’s baking, walking around, trying to accomplish a new yoga position, find something to take your mind off of not being in college!
  • Create goals: This will help you look forward to something happening in the future that you have to work toward. These goals can be money based, job based, vacation based, really anything!
  • Practice Mindfulness: If you haven’t already tried mindfulness during your time at UNH, then I would suggest trying it out! There are many benefits to meditation, it increases your self-awareness, reduces your negativity, and eases your anxiety. If you’re not sure where to start, find an easy five minute beginner meditation practice on YouTube, there are plenty! Find which one you like the most and start there!
  • Surround Yourself with Animals: Now that we’re not in the company of Pet Partners and Tuna the WildCat during finals week, we need to find other ways to relieve stress. I suggest volunteering at an animal shelter, looking at cute photos of animals online, or asking to pet random dogs on the street. 

You are not alone, please remember that. Reach out to your favorite professor and see if they have time to have a Zoom catch up. Or if it’s feasible, drive by campus and get your favorite meal from one of the restaurants downtown and just live in the moment. This post graduate depression will fade away, it’s only a matter of time. 

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