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August 5, 2021

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Have you considered this UNH service?  

Recently, I had an opportunity to sit down (via Zoom) with UNH Graduate Student Kelsey Brandon to talk about the CHHS Marriage and Family Therapy Center. Before meeting Kelsey, I had never heard of the Marriage and Family Therapy Center. And it turns out I’m not alone as Kelsey told me that a lot of people in the UNH community are unfamiliar with this (amazing) mental health service.  

The Marriage and Family Therapy Center is a therapy center that is run by the students and faculty of the CHHS Marriage and Therapy graduate program. The center offers family, marriage, and individual therapy. Here, people in need of mental health services are recruited and are assigned to a therapist (who is also a graduate student studying to become a therapist). The best part is that you don’t even need to be part of the UNH community to seek services. Not only are services offered to Wildcats, they are also offered to people all around the seacoast community. Even more, payment operates on a sliding scale fee based on your reported income. Payments range from $2 - $50.  

Yes, you read that correctly. That’s $2 - $50 per session.  

Insurance is not required either. And of course, if you are currently in a tight financial situation, you will never be denied service for that reason.  

Due to the pandemic, the Marriage and Family Therapy Center is currently offering therapy by telehealth only. This is all by phone, and services are offered year-round. There is no limit on the number of therapy sessions you can have per year either. Now, if you do decide to utilize this service, the therapists are students who will eventually graduate. But fear not, the Marriage and Family Therapy Center makes it a top priority to ensure that therapists build a strong rapport with clients so that clients feel more comfortable when they are assigned to a new therapist. In fact, Kelsey explained that when a client is soon to lose their therapists, their therapists will bring the new therapist into the last few sessions to facilitate discussion as a group to make for a smooth transition during the transfer of care.  

To become a client at the Marriage and Family Therapy Center, call Kelsey at (603) 862-2134. She will then take your information and do a standard intake. Then, Kelsey will report back to the team and they will decide which therapist would be best for you. Then the team will contact you again so you can start seeking therapy via telephone.  

Now, I know what you’re thinking; something is up, this is way too good to be true (because I thought the same exact thing).  

But simply put, the Marriage and Family Therapy Center is a hidden gem for mental health services tucked away in Durham, New Hampshire.  

Here at Healthy UNH, we are constantly encouraging everyone who reads our content to take care of their mental health, because mental health is health. So, if you are interested in seeking services from the Marriage and Family Therapy Center, call Kelsey at (603) 862-2134.  

Check out Sarah's interview below!

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