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February 21, 2021

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Prioritizing Your Wellness this Semester

Welcome back, Wildcats! We have officially made it through the longest winter break ever (literally)! As we are now in the spring semester it might be easier for some people than the fall semester. We get an extra few minutes of daylight and we have nicer weather almost every day. For those who may have just started at UNH last fall, you all have the opportunity to take on a semester feeling more established as a wildcat. And before you know it, we will have those sunny days on T-hall lawn. There is a lot to look forward to!  

But as most of you know, we will not be having our regular spring break. As unfortunate as it is, it is just another way to keep the spread of COVID-19 in Durham low. If you are anything like me, you are probably super excited to be back in school, but are having some feelings of dread and uncertainty as we are about to go for 14 weeks straight with only a few Fridays off here and there. It is certainly going to be a challenge, but luckily, Health & Wellness is here to help! Whether it be for your emotional, social, spiritual wellness, Health & Wellness offers plenty of services for these and more.  

To kick off the semester, check out some of these great upcoming activities and events that Health & Wellness is offering:  

  • Mindful Mondays: On Mondays, Wellness Educators will be on Zoom to offer lessons in meditation and mindfulness. This is a great way to take a small break in your day and learn some new tricks to manage your stress.  

  • Wellness Wednesdays: On Wednesdays, Wellness Educators and student staff will go live on the @unhhealth Instagram page to offer lessons in nutrition, stress, sleep, sexual wellbeing, alcohol, and drugs.  

  • Be Well, Sleep Well: Sleep Workshops: Starting on February 11th, Wellness coaches will be offering a weekly workshop in Thrive and the demo kitchen in the HRC to help undergraduate and graduate students improve their sleep habits and general wellness.  

Although these are only a few upcoming events that I chose to highlight, there are a lot more that are going to be offered throughout the semester. To learn more about some of these events and to sign up, click here! Let us know what your favorite event is at Healthy.UNH@unh.edu!


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