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November 7, 2020

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Living Well Services Through Health and Wellness

Health can be defined as the absence or presence of disease or illness. Wellness is oftentimes defined as being more than an absence of disease or illness. It fully encompasses and includes mental, emotional, and social wellbeing (to name a few). Although a person may be technically “free of disease” if they are not intune with and maintaining their emotional or social wellbeing, they may notice that their quality of life has taken a down turn. This has been especially true for everyone since the start of the pandemic. Many people have noticed that as they return to a semi-normal routine, they are having to be more patient and gentle with themselves. Navigating this new world has also been especially difficult for a lot of people. 

Thankfully, all members of the UNH community (including students, faculty, and staff), can seek assistance for taking care of their wellbeing. Through Health & Wellness, UNH community members are offered Living Well Services and Integrative Mind-Body Services! Both of these services involve more than just taking care of your physical health.  

Living Well Services offer individual wellness counseling and coaching to help students address sleep, stress, sexual wellbeing, nutrition, body image, and substance use. Even better, wellness counseling and coaching is offered free of charge!  

Integrative Mind-Body Services offer services in biofeedback, light therapy, massage therapy, mindfulness & meditation, and medical acupuncture! All of these services are offered free of charge as well (with the exception of massage therapy). To learn more about each of these individual services, check out the Health & Wellness webpage here.  

Regardless of what service you choose to take advantage of, all of them are guaranteed to get you on track to being more intune with various aspects of your wellness. To make an appointment for any of these services, go to the Health & Wellness online portal. Even though this new world we are all trying to navigate is full of uncertainties, we don’t have to go through it alone. In addition to Health & Wellness being here for all of the Wildcats; PACS, SHARPP, and CFAR are here as well!  

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