Hopequesting or Doomscrolling

October 29, 2020

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What Are You Really Looking For?

Recently, I wrote a blog on Doomscrolling and how endlessly scrolling through social media reading news headlines can wreak more havoc on our mental health than we think. The point of this blog was to draw attention to how damaging some of the current headlines can be to our emotional wellbeing; and ultimately, our spirits. Since writing this blog, I have heard a lot of things about “hopequesting”. After doing some investigating, I learned that hopequesting is the act of intentionally scrolling through social media to look for content that makes us laugh, feel happy, and even find a small sense of normalcy in this world.  

Amongst the chaos of everything that is posted, shared, liked, retweeted, and live streamed; we can all eventually find what makes us feel good. Getting to that point is a struggle though. We get distracted and sidetracked by headlines that instill fear and anger in us. We become completely overwhelmed and even frightened from the power of social media. We are left feeling hopeless, anxious, and even heart-broken. This distraction and sidetracking is doomscrolling. None of it was intentional, but we all experience it. We go in with good intentions, feeling hopeful; wanting to look for things that make us laugh, smile, feel validated for our beliefs, and to feel normal. This is hopequesting. And we start on our social media voyage hopequesting, only to find ourselves “doomscrolling” by the end of it.  

Thankfully, we can still enjoy social media by utilizing a hopequesting “toolbox” to avoid the darker sides of social media. Our hopequesting “toolbox” can consist of things like following social media accounts that uplift our spirits and make us laugh or feel joy. Then we can do things like share the positives from our day to flood social media with joy and peace. This will not only help ourselves feel better, we can also become a beacon of hope for those around us. We can remind people that there is still good in the world, that none of this is permanent, and that none of us are alone.  

Finally, I leave you with something to think about. I saw a tweet from @CapnCorwin:  

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