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March 9, 2020

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Taking A Technology Break

Social media has taken over almost everyone’s lives. It is so easy to aimlessly scroll through Instagram at the gym, while watching TV, or eating breakfast. While it may seem to be satisfying and pleasurable, too much social media exposure can actually hurt our mental health. It may be isolating, and result in us comparing ourselves to other individuals. It can be tiring to look at other people’s lives every day, and you may end up spending less time focusing on yourself.

I found myself getting into this social media “rut,” and I would often go on autopilot when I was bored, opening Facebook every hour to see if I had any notifications or there were any new posts. So, I decided to do a 12-hour social media detox. That meant no Facebook, no Instagram, no Pinterest, and no Snapchat for 12 hours. Those are the only social media accounts I have, but I recommend doing it for all your accounts. I had never done this before, so I chose a relatively short time frame, but after completing this challenge I hope to do it for longer soon.

At first it felt weird not looking on my phone while eating lunch like I usually do, or checking Snapchat periodically, but I was more productive by skipping on these habits. Every time I did not check social media, I was instead doing homework, reading the news, or doing something else of value. I actually got more work done this day than I usually do!

Overall, I am so happy I did this, and it was such a small commitment that anyone can do it. There are several apps that you can download to help control your social media usage too. So, next time you are feeling overwhelmed, try taking a break from social media for a bit, I promise you will not regret it!

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