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February 20, 2020

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Listen Your Way To A Healthier You

Everyone has that one song that brings happiness as soon as you hear the first lyric. There may be a happy memory associated with the song, or a meaning behind the words that makes everything else around you freeze. It plays in the car, stores, parties, or pumps you up for a big workout. Music isn’t only known for enjoyment; it also is associated with positive health and emotional outcomes.

Here are some examples of how your favorite song can impact your health and wellbeing. 

  1. It can turn any bad mood around: Music can increase the production of the feel-good hormone dopamine. It is also processed by the part of your brain that is coinciding with mood and emotion.
  2. It can bring up old memories: Music therapy has been shown to relieve symptoms in Alzheimer’s patients. Old memories can also bring happiness to those unaffected by disease.
  3. It can ignite a great workout: Turning up an energy-boosting tune can lend a helping hand during a tough workout.
  4. It can lower your stress hormones: A study done by Mass General Hospital found that listening to music helped relax critically ill patients by lowering their stress-related hormones. 

Music is a part of every family, community, ethnicity, and culture. It brings much more than an emotional connection to the table. So the next chance you get to listen to your favorite song, know that you aren’t only enjoying what you are hearing, but you are aiding in your health as well!

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