Do You Have A Hard Time Being Alone?

February 10, 2020

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There Are Many Reasons Why Alone Time Is Important

Social media causes us to be connected with our peers constantly - checking emails, Facetiming, texting. A busy, constantly connected life seems to be admirable in today’s world. While being social is important, being able to spend time alone with yourself is equally as important.
Here are some benefits of alone time:

  1. It increases productivity - People preform much better with privacy. Try out the quiet room in the UNH Dimond Library, where there’s no talking or socializing allowed.
  2. Build mental strength - The ability to tolerate alone time has been linked to increased happiness and improved stress management. 
  3. You'll have a greater appreciation for your time spent with people. 
  4. You'll get to know yourself - When you are alone, the only one you have to please is you. You’ll find out what truly makes YOU happy.

Making the choice to spend time alone is very beneficial. Finding the right balance of alone time and time spent with others is different for everyone. The next time you find yourself going somewhere only because other people want you to, challenge yourself to take a raincheck and hangout with yourself.

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