Take Advantage Of Winter Break

December 9, 2019

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Thompson Hall in the winter
Photo Courtesy: UNH Resource Space

Revamp And Recharge Your Mind

Winter break is looked forward to by all people. College students get almost 5 weeks to relax and rejuvenate, and people in the workforce typically get a full week or more off. This time away from school or work is much needed for everyone. Multiple research studies have indicated that vacation time has many mental health benefits, such as relieving stress and anxiety. Here are the top benefits you are getting from your holiday break. 

  1. Life satisfaction - Vacation improves your overall wellness which then improves your outlook on life. 
  2. Better sleep - Restless nights are common during a busy school or work week because of everything on your mind. Vacation and better sleep are often intertwined. 
  3. Improved productivity - The long break has you recharged and ready to go. You'll show up back at school or work ready to take on any assignment. 
  4. Vacations can cut your risk of a heart attack - Taking the opportunity to de-stress and spend time with those you love can cut your risk of a heart attack by 30% for men and 50% for women. 

Take advantage of every relaxing moment this vacation and allow yourself to have some days to just do nothing! 

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