Mental Wellness and Its Vital Role in Everyday Adult Life

September 8, 2015

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Mental Wellness
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The Beginning Of Any Semester Can Cause A Great Deal Of Stress, And In Order To Have A Successful Year, Mental Wellness Is Key

As a faculty member, you have a lot going on. You are busy with students, grading, and your personal life. It is easy to forget about your own mental wellness as an adult because life can so easily get in the way. 

The question that I pose to you is: HOW DO YOU STAY STRESS FREE, AND WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?

There are many things that you can do to reduce stress. It is important as an adult to take time out of your busy lives to do something that relaxes you.

What makes you happy?  Hiking, meditation, biking, reading, spending time with loved ones? No matter what it is, it is important to create time for anything that keeps you stress free. You may even need to discover something new. Don’t worry, UNH can help! The Healthy UNH Wellness Resource Guide contains over 100 different programs to help you get healthy.

What are some programs that UNH offers? The Employee Assistance Program provides faculty with confidential counseling.  Healthy UNH Outdoors provides faculty members with many fun activities such as kayaking and paddle boarding.

As an adult, mental wellness is just as important as it would be in any other stage of life. My advice to you is to spend at least one hour each day doing something that helps you stay happy and stress free!

For more advice on how to relieve stress take a look at Healthy UNH's Mental Wellness Page

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