Stressed about work? No worries, UNH is here to help!

October 20, 2014

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Are you an employee at UNH trying to find that balance between work and spending time with your family? Has work been stressful since the start of the new semester? Well UNH is here to help! The Counseling Center at UNH offers consultation services to all staff, professionals and faculty here at UNH.  UNH also provides their employees with access to confidential counseling through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The EAP is a referral program that assists employees in dealing with daily life challenges.   The program is run by APS Healthcare .  On APS Healthcare’s’ website tons of resources can be found, including access to great information on parenting, aging, working, mental health, living and so much more. The services that UNH offers can be very beneficial in helping an employee if they are feeling overwhelmed and confused on how to manage their stress.  

According to the American Physiological Association, 65% of Americans said work was their top source of stress and only 37% of Americans said they were doing a very good job managing their stress. Excessive Stress  can have a huge impact with work productivity and affect your physical and emotional health.  If stress is not dealt with properly it can lead you to become mentally drained and exhausted.  Knowing how to cope with the unpredictable stressful situations at work can really be beneficial for your health. Some examples on how to deal with stress is: to keep a journal recording everything that causes the stress, participate in physical activity, establish boundaries between work life and home life, and take time to mentally disconnect from the workplace.

If you find you are having troubling initiating these changes, the Employee Assistance Program is here to support you to move forward.   They will be able to assist you in in better managing your stress and changing any unhealthy behaviors that you might have developed from uncontrollable stress.  UNH provides the resources employers need to work in a healthy, stress-free environment! 

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