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November 23, 2020

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Things to Look for Before Signing Up

It wasn’t until recently that most gyms across the United States were allowed to re-open to some capacity. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many health experts have spent the last eight months questioning and researching the safety of gyms and how their operations impact the transmission of COVID-19. Now although there are some gyms that have disregarded safety protocols and have been the culprit of small outbreaks here and there; but since the re-openings, the majority of gyms have been complicit with safety protocols and have even seen lower possible rates of transmission than bars and restuarants!  

Last Spring, when a lot of places were shutdown; gyms were placed in a “high-risk” category along with bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. Now that most of these places are open in most areas, it turns out that a lot of small community outbreaks are rarely coming from gyms. So maybe gyms are not as high-risk as we thought they were. Of course there have been a few outbreaks here and there, but these occurred when gyms were operating under conditions that broke numerous COVID-19 safety protocols.  

With this promising news on the horizon about gyms not being as “high-risk” as originally predicted, many people are starting to reconsider opening their membership again; or starting a new one entirely. If you considering either of these, here a few things to look for and ask about before you sign the membership contract:  

  1. Ask Questions! Ask about the protocols that are in place to ensure safety for members and employees. You can also ask questions of how the gym is prepared to handle various emergencies and would conduct contact tracing. 

  2. Take a Tour! Ask for a tour of the facility to see if machines are in good condition and at least 6 feet apart. You can also see what group exercise rooms look like if you are interested in that too.  

  3. Read the Contract! Read the contract and ask about monthly payments if the gym has to shut down again because of a bad outbreak. It may be listed in the contract that you will have to continue making monthly payments even if the gym is temporarily shut down due to COVID-19. 

If you decide that you would like to start going to the gym in person, these are all really important things to consider. Even though there is some risk with going to the gym in person, engaging in regular body movements will help your physical and emotional wellness. Finally, the most important thing is to do is what is going to be right for you! 

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