Summer Fun And COVID-19

August 3, 2020

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Physically Distancing While Staying Entertained

The current COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of summer plans, but we don’t have to let it ruin our summer. There are still some things we can do to interact with small groups of friends from a safe distance, and embrace the sunshine. Check out some of these activities that can get you out of the house and that have a lower risk of spreading COVID-19.

  1. Walking at beaches and lakes: Meet up with a friend to walk at the beach or lake in the sunshine. It is recommended that you wear a mask or socially distance if you don’t live with your friend, but this is a great way to catch up on life and get some Vitamin D.
  2. Backyard campfire: Even though some campgrounds are closed, having a backyard campfire with the family can bring back some of those nostalgic campfire feels. 
  3. Drive-in movies: These are making a serious comeback as movie theaters can't operate safely right now. So, load up the car and bring your family and favorite snacks to spend a night at the drive-in. 
  4. Sunsets and sunrises: Meet up with a friend to park at the beach or your favorite spot to watch the beautiful summer sky. 

Even though summer plans have changed, there are still some fun activities we can still do. All of these activities can help us to better take care of our mental health, which is incredibly important to do during these difficult times. So, call a friend or talk to a family member about doing some of these fun activities this summer!

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