Vaping And COVID-19

June 24, 2020

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Quitting Vaping To Better Your Health

As more people in younger age groups are being diagnosed with COVID-19, many doctors and researchers are wondering if there is a link between vaping nicotine and prolonged symptoms of COVID-19. As of right now there is very limited research between the two, but nicotine is known to have a negative impact on cardiovascular health and immune function. In addition, people who have previous lung injuries from vaping may be at a higher risk for severe COVID-19 symptoms.

With this information now being shared in mainstream media, many may be wondering if they should quit. But with all of the stress in the world right now, it may feel impossible to quit. Luckily, there are many resources and programs that are free or low cost that can help people quit vaping and smoking.

Here are a few resources that UNH offers:

  • PACS: PACS is a great resource on campus that offers mental health counseling through telehealth right now. If you are thinking of quitting, but need help dealing with the added stress, give them a call to set up an appointment.
  • Health & Wellness: Health & Wellness can get you any education you may be looking for to have a better understanding of the true impacts of nicotine use and vaping. They can also help you get in contact with counselors to help you quit vaping.
  • CDC: The CDC has many resources as well as a 24/7 hotline that can help you get in contact with services to help you quit. Call this number for help: 1-800-QUIT-NOW.

Though the world may seem like a very stressful place, and quitting vaping may seem like a daunting task, quitting may help to reduce severe symptoms of COVID-19 and can improve your overall quality of life.

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