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June 10, 2020


Spread of Chinese takeout containers
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Eating For Your Health

Now more than ever, local restaurants need our support, and what better way than to order takeout? However, buying restaurant food often can have some negative consequences on your health. Use these tips next time you want to order out and support a local business!

  1. Research the menu first and decide what are the best options to get. Some chain restaurants will even put the nutrition information on their website for you to access.
  2. Instead of eating less and being hungry, order an overall healthier, balanced meal. For example, choose a baked potato instead of french fries as a side, or add a protein source to a salad to have it as an entree.
  3. Instead of focusing on what foods to avoid, think about what foods you can add to your plate to make it more nutritionally dense. Look for whole-grain breads and pastas, healthy fats (oils, avocados, nuts and seeds), lots of fruits and veggies, and lean meats (turkey, chicken, fish, lean red meat).
  4. Don’t go into the meal starving. This increases your likelihood of filling up on the free table bread and making other poor food choices. If you truly are hungry when you get there, order a side salad or broth based soup to start. Or, you can have a small snack, such as a piece of fruit or some veggies before leaving.
  5. Pay attention to the wording on menus. Look for words like “grilled,” “broiled,” “steamed,” or “sautéed,” as these mean the food was cooked with less fat and are generally healthier. Avoid words such as “fried,” “breaded,” “smothered,” “alfredo,” “rich,” and “creamy,” as these foods tend to be unhealthier.
  6. Always ask questions! If you are unsure how to make a healthy decision, ask your server about what modifications can be made to menu items.

Bon appetit!

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