The Importance Of Having A Hobby

June 16, 2020

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Staying Entertained In Quarantine

Many of us find ourselves with more time these days. It can be easy to get in a quarantine slump, relying on Netflix, Annie’s Mac n’ Cheese, and sweat pants. Finding a hobby or something to keep you active and engaged is so important for your mental health so you can take full advantage of this time at home. Lots of research has shown that having a hobby boosts your mental health. Whether it be knitting, painting, playing an instrument, or something else, find what you enjoy and reap the benefits. Having a hobby has been shown to boost creativity and self-image and lower stress. It is also a great way to connect with others who have similar interests. 

At UNH, there are clubs that cater to many different hobbies. Do you like singing? Geocaching? Astrology? Irish Step Dancing? There are clubs for all of those and more! While we are not on campus to actively participate in these opportunities, they are great to know about so you can take full advantage when we get back on campus. And, if you are looking for a new hobby but aren’t sure where to start, using this list of student orgs or searching the internet is a perfect place to start.

One thing is for certain, these are stressful times. Having a way to destress and relax has never been more important. Now is the perfect time to invest inyourself and take a break from your daily routine to pick up a new hobby.

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