Virtual Frazzle Free Finals!

May 7, 2020

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Finish The Semester Strong

Like most people, I was expecting that Frazzle Free Finals would not be put on by Dimond Library, Health and Wellness, and Healthy UNH this semester due to remote learning. To my surprise though, it is still happening, and they are offering a lot of cool virtual activities!

I was able to find the Frazzle Free Finals link on the Dimond Library Instagram and Twitter pages. On the homepage, there are a lot of different tabs that contain the different activities that UNH students can participate in to take a break from studying. Some of these activities include: 

  • Livestreams of different zoos around the country 
  • Livestream of a puppy playroom 
  • Recipe websites to help channel your inner chef 
  • Relaxation resources like guided meditations and yoga 
  • Virtual tours of museums and parks
  • Links for free printable coloring pages

Although it is not the same as being at school, different departments are working tirelessly every single day to support our fellow Wildcats. Check out some of these cool resources to relieve some stress!

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