New York: Plans To Re-Open

May 19, 2020

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Finding Hope From Declining Cases

Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak within the United States, the state of New York has been hit the hardest by far, both in the number of cases and number of deaths. Breaking a total of 335,000 cases, New York is now reporting a decline in daily cases and deaths as of May 10, 2020. With a new sense of hope, NY governor Andrew Cuomo has put in place plans to reopen some of the more rural areas of New York that have not seen as many cases or deaths as the more populated areas.

With a state-wide shut down and fewer cases than the cities, the hardest hit in these rural areas are the businesses. Every day, families are forced to make the decision of permanently closing their business or losing their money. Part of the plans to re-open will help save these businesses and allow people to return to work. Specifically, the plan to re-open will occur in phases as long as certain regions are meeting specific criteria. Starting May 15th, phase one will occur where “construction, manufacturing and wholesale supply chain, curbside pickup for retailers and agricultural businesses” will open. Phase two allows “professional services, finance and insurance services, retail businesses, administrative support and real estate and rental leasing” to open. Finally, in phase three“restaurants, food services, hotels and accommodations” will open.

Though it may feel like things are getting worse, there is hope; the hardest hit state is seeing a decline in cases and deaths.

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