Kindness During A Pandemic

May 12, 2020

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Practice simple acts of kindness every day
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Random Acts Of Kindness To Help Us Through

These unprecedented times are scary, there’s no doubt about it. With no definite end date to COVID-19, it can be hard to stay positive. Along with all the sad and frightening news, there are communities, families, and friends coming together to bring some joy and happiness to the world. Big or small, any act of kindness goes a long way especially in times like these. Here are some random acts of kindness currently happening today that will be sure to put that smile back on your face!

  1. In-room dining in restaurants has been closed for almost a month now, immensely hitting the restaurant industry. A regular customer at a Texas restaurant made note of this last month and left a $9,400 tip so they could pay their employees. This same act of kindness was seen in Ohio, when a customer left a $2,500 tip on a $30 tab. 
  2. A landlord in Oregon noticed her tenant was unable to pay her rent last month because she was laid off from her job. Not only did the landlord not make her pay her rent this month, but she also dropped off a load of groceries to help her tenet out!
  3. A local restaurant, The GOAT in Hampton, NH is known for having customers staple money to their walls when they visit. Some even hanging up $100 bills when they go there to eat. The restaurant’s owner decided to take all the money off the walls that has been collecting for years to pay their employees during this time. Some say it could total up to almost $20,000.

As said before, these times are scary and it can seem impossible to stay positive. Find time throughout your day to think about what you are grateful for during this pandemic. Encouraging this positive thinking will make each day in quarantine easier and easier.

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