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May 29, 2020

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Tech-Free Summertime Exercises

With warmer weather finally here, you might be feeling stuck when it comes to a workout routine. It can be tough to even create a routine or find the right exercise program that works for you. Why not switch your mindset from “working out” to “playing” for your daily exercise? Here is a list of fun, old-school summertime activities that can make lasting memories and bring back some of those nostalgic feels while helping you stay active! 

  1. Playing Ball: If you have any sidewalk chalk laying around, try making your own 4-square court, or head to your nearest park to play soccer, volleyball, wiffle ball, or any other sport!
  2. Hula Hooping: This sneaky exercise will really target your abs, and if you want to show off your skills try spinning it around your arms and legs.
  3. Nature Walk: Locate some trails in your local area for a nature walk, and if you can find some near a river even better! A trail near a river may even have a rope swing attached to a tree that you can use to swing into the river to cool off.
  4. Bicycle: Now is the perfect time to get the bike out of the garage and take it for a ride around town. This is a great form of exercise too for those who may live in a hot climate and are looking to get some cardio into their daily routine!
  5. Sprinkler: Looking to cool off but the beaches and lakes are closed? Dig out the garden sprinkler or slip n’ slide and set it up in your backyard. This is a great way to stay cool, and it’s an added bonus if your dog likes it too! 
  6. Jumping Rope: Put on your favorite playlist and jump to the rhythm, or try to remember some of those songs and rhymes you used to jump to.

Getting your daily exercise doesn’t have to mean following along with a video in your basement. Staying fit encompasses all sorts of activities, so why not make them fun! Bring back these old-school summer activities, stay off the screens, and make the most of the coming sunshine!


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