How To Stay Entertained During Quarantine

April 16, 2020

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Keeping Yourself Busy At Home

Now that it has been several weeks into quarantine, the excitement of working from home and having more free time has worn off. I know it certainly has for me. Thankfully, the weather is getting nicer, so there are plenty of ways to entertain yourself, both inside and out.

  • Try a new workout. Since all the gyms are closed, why not experiment with your exercise routine? There are plenty of at-home workouts available online, and many gyms are releasing virtual workouts with their trainers for a more personal experience.
  • Catch up on your favorite shows. Instead of staying up late doing homework, watch some Netflix.
  • Get creative in the kitchen. Now that I am home every day, I have been trying new recipes almost every day. Not only does it take me out of my comfort zone, but it produces delicious results!
  • Walk outside. If you are fortunate enough to live in a pedestrian friendly neighborhood, hit the road to enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise.
  • Find a hobby. Why not try something new? Whether it be collecting rocks or flowers, taking up fishing, teaching your dog tricks, or finding treasure witha metal detector –the options are endless!
  • Discover a new podcastI love podcasts, and often listen to them on my runs. With the podcast industry booming, I amsure you will find one that interests you.

These are all things I'm doing to keep myself busy, but find what makes you happy and feel good. These are trying times for everyone, so anything you can do to stay sane will help.

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