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April 22, 2020

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Feel-Good Stories From Around The Globe

If you turn on your TV, search the internet, or open any social media – chances are you are interrupted with many negative news stories that are only highlighting the bad things going on in the world. Yes, it is important to be informed of all the consequences arising from COVID-19, but it is also very detrimental to our mental health and well-being if that is all we are hearing. Though it may be hard to find the silver-lining in the world's current situation, there are many positive things that can be brought to your attention to brighten your day!

  1. Both dolphins and swans are appearing in the Venice canals. Since the very strict lockdown in Italy, the canals are no longer opaque and now clear and clean! The cleared out canals have been inviting to these ocean animals.
  2. Actor John Krasinski released a show on YouTube highlighting “Some Good News” that people have sent in to him through Twitter. If you need a laugh and some cheering up, check it out!
  3. More family time. With all non-essential jobs being put on hold and school being out, most families are “forced” to all convene under one roof. Don’t think of this as a bad thing! Especially being away in college, family time is limited. Soak up the time you have with your family now because it tends to only happen around the holidays. 

Challenge yourself to think of three positive things about your day. Sometimes it’s okay to turn off the news when you have heard enough! Stay positive and hang in there everyone – this will pass and we will all come out stronger than ever!

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