Mental Benefits of Pets

Our Little Furry Friends Have a Big Impact

Laura Jones

While many of us have pets and love having them around and spending time with them, we often don’t realize that they are actually helping to benefit our mental health. It is completely normal to be struggling with mental health, and there are plenty of resources that can help, including animals. If you are considering a pet, such as a dog or a cat, or even something smaller like a hamster or fish, here are some ways they can benefit your mental health!

  • Provide companionship: If you are feeling lonely, a pet will always be there to comfort you and be by your side, and be someone for you to spend time with. If you are having insecure thoughts, a pet will never judge you and will love you unconditionally.
  • Reduce anxiety: Feeling anxious is a completely normal part of life. Having a pet by your side or taking it out for a walk and playing with them can help to take stress off your mind and help to lessen anxiety.
  • Add structure to your day: Creating a routine for taking care of your pet can add structure to your day if it is something you do at the same time every day. Having structure can benefit your mental health because it can give a sense of purpose as well as control.
  • Increase physical activity: If you get a pet,, such as a dog, that requires time outside, you will most likely be spending this time with them as well, and spending time outside is good for one’s well being, and also going on walks with a dog can increase physical activity.
  • Boost self-confidence: Knowing you have the ability, knowledge and responsibility to take care of a pet can boost self confidence, and a strong sense of self worth can positively impact mental health.

Having a pet, no matter what kind or size, can be great for reducing stress levels and taking care of your mental health, and if you have room for a pet in your life it can be a great option for your mental wellness.